Downfall in Education

     Education is described as “the central means by which a society transmits its knowledge, values, and expectations to its members” (Ferris & Stein). Through the course of history education has developed into being viewed not only as a privilege, but as a right for all. Education does more then just teach the basics of reading, writing and math; intergraded into lessons is a “hidden curriculum”.  Manners, social values, politics, and how to socialize are some of the “values or behaviors that students learn indirectly over the course of their schooling” (Ferris & Stein) There are many pros to education, however the article by Mathew Lynch, 18 Reasons the U.S Education System is failing,  explores some of the ways education is failing us. With cuts to education funding some schools, especially those in low income neighborhoods, are suffering; “schools are funded by local property taxes, children in poor neighborhoods are trapped in poor schools, which reinforces inequality” (Lynch). Lower income schools lack the same resources for materials and high quality teaching staff as schools in wealthier communities. Lower income parents may also find it more difficult to be involved in schools due to transportation issues, or work schedules. Many low income families struggle to meet their own their basic needs, they can not afford the newest technologies or afford to financially support their local school.  Funding should be increased, especially in low income neighborhoods, so cultural and economic inequalities can be addressed. 

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